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2022-06-15 13:55:52 By : Ms. Joyce Tian

The best storage sheds range in price and size, but they all add valuable nooks and looks to your yard.

By Eric Alt | Updated Mar 21, 2022 7:55 PM

Your backyard can, and should, be your oasis. Whether you have large rolling fields or only a tiny patio space, being able to relax in privacy on a nice afternoon really is a privilege and shouldn’t be disrupted by haphazard tools or a ramshackle structure in your line of sight. Maintaining your space doesn’t have to be a major financial investment either. Whether you want a purely functional storehouse or a larger arrangement with windows, organizing systems, and multiple doors, there are an amazing variety of outdoor storage sheds on the market. Below, we’ve selected some of the best storage sheds on the market to help you get a sturdy, durable, and attractive solution into place with ease. 

The best storage sheds not only look good in your space, but also help you keep your garden tools, bikes, and outdoor equipment clean, safe, dry, and organized. Storage sheds can be a go-to for all your outdoor equipment if your home doesn’t have a garage, or they can boost your overall storage if you do. Most storage sheds are constructed using either plastics, metal, or wood, or a combination of these. Wood tends to be the most attractive, expensive material and requires the most maintenance; high-end wood sheds can cost thousands of dollars and might require a contractor to build if you aren’t handy. Metals and plastics may not be quite as charming, but they are typically very durable and more affordable, and many imitate the look of wood sheds with faux planking, natural colors, and cottage-style windows. Metal sheds are the most economical option, but can sometimes rust over time especially if used in wet locations.

Looking at the bigger aesthetic picture, you should be careful to select the right size and look for the property you have. Thoughtfully selected storage sheds can increase curb appeal and even drive up the value of your home. First and foremost, however, a storage shed needs to be functional, so consider features like doors and windows for security and convenience. Be sure to select doors that open easily for larger items, but that also lock securely. Overall height is an important factor, as well; larger sheds often require the owner to enter the shed, and being able to stand comfortably is nice. While typically only higher-end sheds have operational windows, allowing natural light into the shed is practical as well. Finally, consider how you will organize your stuff once you have the shed. Some shed manufacturers offer coordinating organizational systems to help you hang hooks, shelves, and bins. 

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If you’ve ever had the “good” fortune of managing storage in a tiny crawl space, then you realize having easy access is very important. Be sure to consider how you will be able to lift, drag, or roll your stuff into the storage shed. Whether you will be putting items into storage for off-season, have bulky heavy lawn equipment, or plan to store bikes or motorcycles—door width, type, and quantity are important. In addition, look for sheds that incorporate natural light and organizers to make overall access easier and more efficient.

For easier navigation, consider a storage shed that offers multiple doors. For example, if you live in a climate where you need to store many bulky items in the off-season, it’s a waste of time to have to drag those out just to dig up other tools and supplies. More than one door means you can decide to keep certain items stationary for long periods while being able to access other areas inside the shed. Door hinges also vary with some doors opening out, sliding, lifting up, or folding down. The best storage sheds will allow for easy access to your stored items.

This 15-foot-wide Lifetime outdoor storage shed is designed with steel-reinforced construction and easy-to-maintain dual-wall high-density polyethylene. A wooden cottage look with a high-pitched roof allows for quick drainage, and windows and skylights add interior light. Two sets of double doors allow for easy access to storage items, plus the shed offers lockable doors and an interior shelving system for added organization.

Whether storing one bike or your whole family’s collection, it’s important to have secure, dry storage that is sized just right. The best bike storage shed will be at least 6 feet in width or length or larger because a typical adult bike is 3 inches shy of that 6-foot mark. So be sure to double-check the manufacturer’s specifications that the interior dimension of the shed is over 69 inches, as interior and exterior dimensions differ. 

Look for shed materials that are easy to maintain and waterproof, like plastics. To keep bikes safe from theft be sure to look for sheds that offer a lockable door latch. Even when shopping for smaller, space-saving sheds look for skylight or window features. Less expensive sheds may skimp on this feature (inexpensive metal sheds often offer no windows) but this added natural light feature will make retrieving your bicycle or whatever else you have in there much easier.

The KETER is an attractive, durable, all-weather shed that requires no maintenance. Extra features include a skylight, window, and vent for lighting and air circulation. Advertised as easy to build, this KETER shed includes a floor panel, though it will require a level ground surface like all sheds.

While it would be nice to have a large yard, the truth is many people don’t, especially if you live in or near major cities. If you are pressed for space, it becomes even more important to select each addition with care. Luckily, there are a lot of well-made, attractive storage sheds sized for smaller spaces. 

The best small shed will be designed to hold your garden essentials. Some small storage sheds look more like rectangular chests, and can also work as a coffee table or bench. These lower units can easily hold hoses, gardening equipment, as well as outdoor cushions and pillows. Taller storage sheds make advantage of height and can fit full-sized rakes, shovels, as well as offer shelves for smaller items. The best small storage sheds come in a variety of materials, and due to the smaller footprint will usually be pretty reasonably priced. 

A great choice for small gardens, this storage shed features solid wood construction in a natural light wood finish. The combination of open storage and shelving makes this storage shed easy to keep organized.

Available storage is almost every homeowner’s dream. Even when you start out without much and you are a fan of minimal living, stuff accumulates. While it can be tempting to get the largest shed you can and fill it to the brim with all your extra stuff, you aren’t really solving problems with this method. Cluttered sheds are bound to be filled with items you forget about or that become too hard to unbury. The longer things stay tucked in a corner, the more likely a family of spiders has moved in.

The best storage sheds with tool organizers will help keep your home and garden orderly. While it’s possible to purchase shed storage systems independently, some manufacturers offer systems tailored specifically to their shed model and design. For example, some sheds offer built-in pegs or grids that work easily with coordinating shelves, hooks, bins, and racks. The benefit to purchasing a shed that coordinates with a planned storage system is that you know it will work to maximize your space and usually it can be customized and arranged to your specific needs. The more organized your shed, the quicker, easier, and more efficient your jobs become.

With 332 cubic feet of storage, your lawn and garden tools can be easily assessed with this Rubbermaid storage shed’s wall-mounted organization system. The Rubbermaid shed comes with a few starter accessories, like a shelf and wire basket/tool organizer, while more can be purchased and added as needed.

The best storage sheds on a small budget may not be as large or modern-looking as some more expensive options, but they’ll still get your garden in gear and keep your tools neat. Metal sheds, while not always the cutting edge of style, tend to be very affordable. However, they usually don’t come with a floor, so a foundation that is level, and ideally slightly lifted off the ground, is required. And maybe it’s only some accessories and smaller tools you need to stow. If you’re looking for the most compact solution in a social space, a bargain-priced patio box could be your best choice.

Opening from the top like a luggage chest, this patio deck box offers waterproof storage for backyard items like cushions and gardening tools. Its affordable and durable vinyl material comes in an on-trend neutral grey with a rattan texture for visual interest.

Both plastic and metal sheds have pros and cons that make it hard to specifically say which one is a better choice. If you are looking for the most cost-effective option, you may want to consider a metal shed. Plastic and metal share some characteristics: both are durable, rot and insect resistant, and difficult to customize. Plastic sheds outperform metal sheds in two areas: they hold up better to water (rarely springing any leaks) and they do not rust. If you live in a wet climate, a plastic shed will be the better choice.

When buying a storage shed for your home, consider the size, shape, design, and material you want the shed to be constructed from. Typically sheds are offered in metal, plastic, or wood. Consider the pros and cons of each material, as well as the overall cost and maintenance. Be sure to check for any zoning laws, permits, or homeowner association rules before making your purchase. Finally, consider the foundation and flooring. Keeping a shed elevated and off of the wet ground will help prevent rotting and/or corrosion. Not all sheds come with the shed floor; this may have to be purchased separately.

A good size for a storage shed depends on several factors. Consider the overall size of your yard, the amount of storage you need (not only now, but also down the line), and how you will use the shed. Some people strictly want a shed to hold their landscaping equipment, others want to be able to store out-of-season furniture, grills, bikes, motorcycles, and even have designated areas for use as a workbench. For larger yards and larger storage demands, a good size is 12 feet by 12 feet. Space-saving sizes are available at 4 feet by 6 feet or 4 feet by 8 feet. The best size for a storage shed depends on your needs and outdoor space. Storage sheds that are tall enough to stand up in are a good idea for comfort and ease of use.

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The best storage sheds will keep you organized, look attractive in your outdoor space, and be built to last. With options in a variety of materials (solid wood and high-tech waterproof plastics, to name a couple) these structures not only shelter your items from weather, but the best outdoor storage sheds will also be designed with customizable organizing systems for easy access to your garden tools and recreational equipment. 

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